The Earth’s moon has stories to tell, there have been beliefs about the moon, discoveries, missions, and people have brought samples back.The moon is a mysterious hot, cold and cratered piece of rock that has fascinated man kind scientifically and religiously.

Mysterious moon

Ganymede is the biggest moon in the solar system and is even bigger than Mercury. Ganymede belongs to Jupiter. However don’t think about Earth’s moon as small, it is the 5th largest moon in the solar system and is almost as big as Mercury. Every 30 years the moon appears bigger and in 2011 that event happened but the moon appeared extra big. This event happens because the moon’s orbit wobbles changing how big it looks and causing eclipses.

The moon like the Earth is rocky but has no water, no air, and it has many more craters. The moon was once part of the Earth 4’600’000’000 years ago. The moons smashing birth was made in a planetary collision called the big splat involving a Mars sized planet called Thea. It crashed into Earth and created a ring around the Earth and the ring clumped together to make the moon in the process of accretion .
The moon is very important because it makes the tide, controls the Earth’s spin, and is very popular in romance. Without it there would be no surfing, different day length, and no the cow jumped over the moon nursery rhyme.

All this concludes to tell that the moon is a mysterious story telling dusty place with human foot prints from Neil Armstrong that never will be blown away.

Author: Aryush Ghildiyal  (9)
Image: D. Perter/