Crystal Clear – Technorama Winterthur


Did you always wanted to get carried away in the amazing world of Science?? Just outside the city of Winterthur in Switzerland, you can find a true feast for all your senses….

The Technorama claims to be Switzerland’s only Science Centre that will leave one mesmerised no matter your age and your knowledge about science, art and technology. And mesmerised I was, after spending five hours in the three storey building satisfying my curiosity and trying most of the 500 interactive exhibits. With the Magical World of Mechanics, watching the pendulum waves, or seeing invisibility made visible and gazing at the fading motion patterns, the concept of mechanics and harmony becomes clear and how this is all interlinked. At the world of electricity, one get reminded that this force is more than simple light bulbs, amplifiers and generators but it is the force that holds the matter together.

What we perceive is not always real? Does this make sense? After looking at some of the exhibits, I had to agree that I will definitely see what I believe but I can’t always believe what I see.

The area of Nature, Colour and Chaos is probably the most colourful one. Here one can see how water flows, waves swell, and how a tornado moves. I am getting excited about the magic cloud machine and the wonderful Giant Bubble Machine.  Wood and Imagination where wooden balls find their way through gigantic labyrinths seems to be very popular with the younger people. But the most fascinating, at least for me, is the Light and Vision. Light comes in all forms and shapes and especially colours. On my way out I stop  at the little laboratory to experiment with some chemicals, see how radioactivity works and create a nice souvenir to take home with me. A white and a purple cristal….

Photos & Text: Sabina Herbst